Adventure Mosaics Forest Spirits

Adventure Mosaics Forest Spirits | Free PC Games

Download Adventure Mosaics: Forest spirits |Free PC Games. Adventure Mosaics forest spirits feature 200 colorful nomograms and logic puzzles! Try helping the forest spirits and save the woods from the darkness?


A girl lost her way in the forest, and needs your help to progress through the levels by solving puzzles and nonograms. The forest spirits will also need your help in deciding their destiny as darkness threatens their existence!

Some of the features of Adventure Mosaics forest spirits

  • 200 colorful and memorable levels
  • Stunning visual effects!
  • House upgrade minigame!
  • Enchanting storyline and magical music
  • Wonderful art painted with the best summer colors!
  • Perfect logical and abstract thinking exercises!
  • Addictive gameplay
  • A wonderful combination of different game genres
  • Improve your puzzle skills by solving nomograms

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System Requirements

Release Date23 March 2021
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size                160 Mb
Adventure Mosaics: Forest Spirits | Free PC Games

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Download Adventure Mosaics Forest Spirits free games for PC, Click below button to download.

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